• Lon Marum

      Lon Marum is a documentary film depicting the relationship between language, culture, place, music, tradition, and magic – in the context of life on an active volcano. Lon Marum means the "people who live in the path of the volcano". Such is the profound relationship that the people of Emyotungan and West Ambrym have with the volcano. Recently Western scientists have become interested in the volcano. From all over the world, researchers come and attempt to “know” the volcano. As a laboratory, Lon Marum is a challenging environment.

      This film is a journey. It is a journey through a physical community and through an abstract community. It is tied together not by drama and controversy, not by sensational representation, but by the quotidian experience of the volcano.

    • Vanuatu Women's Water Music

      Leweton Cultural Group hail from the remote tropical northern islands of Gaua and Merelava in Vanuatu, and live in a village in Espiritu Santo where they present, share and maintain their unique cultural traditions and practises across cultures and generations. This film is the first of it’s kind and welcomes viewers to explore the life and customs of the village, the mesmerising women’s water music and the energetic sounds of String band Matto. You will be humbled by their friendly and gentle nature, inspired by their simple lifestyles and captivated by their performances.